Sieve and regex (or sieve for specific folder)

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at
Sat Aug 28 03:43:25 EDT 2004


Ken Murchison wrote:

>> For our (about 200) archive-folders we currently have a 
>> procmail-script (on our old server) that I want to migrate to sieve 
>> (for the new servers ;-)). Basicly, the functionality of the 
>> procmail-script comes down to:
>> if envelope :detail "to" "blabla" {
>>       fileinto "archive.blabla";
>>       }
>> ... for evey folder. We have the "archive" user so we can mail to 
>> "archive+folder" to get it stored properly.
> If you are already sending to archive+folder, why do you need sieve?

Apart from this general rule we want to do some filtering. Maybe one 
filter so only mails from the mailinglist-user get archived. And we want 
to add spam/virus-filtering to some lists (if making them moderated is 
no solution...).

(This way we also don't have the need for an "anyone p"-acl, btw, but 
the only problem there is to get it on the ~200 folders. That's 
scriptable I think.)

>> That "for every folder" is my problem with sieve. I tried something like
>> if envelope :regex :detail "to" "(.*)" {
>>        fileinto "archief.$1";
>>        }
> You would the need the (yet unimplemented) "variables" extension to do 
> this.

I was afraid so :-)

Any chance this will be there in the nearby future?


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