samanta.meyer at gmx.de samanta.meyer at gmx.de
Mon Nov 10 10:21:39 EST 2003

Hi there,

I have cyrus installed along with sendmail. Now I recieved hundreds of equal
emails. The result is, that I cant acdess my inbox anymore. My email client
tells me 400 emails in the inbox, but cant access the headers because the
server is down. It is not, I can access all other email folders but not the
inbox. A local client (horde) just says 0 emails. and it cant read new
emails on
the box.

/var/adm/imapd.log says the following:
Nov 10 16:14:54 p15091666 imapd[25690]: seen_db: user andy opened
Nov 10 16:14:54 p15091666 imapd[25690]: open: user andy opened INBOX
Nov 10 16:14:54 p15091666 master[307]: process 25690 exited, signaled to
death by 7

How can I fix this? Hardware is ok, this is just I think a database problem
of cyrus. Has anybody an idea how to get back to normal with keeping all my

Thanx for any help on that!


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