map of authentication methods for cyrus

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Nov 6 23:40:03 EST 2003

Craig Ringer wrote:

>> This is much better.  I'd probably put the mechanisms outside of the
>> libsasl box, since they are (almost always) loaded dynamicly.
> OK.
>> NTLM can use either Windows NT networking or the auxprop plugins.
> I don't quite get you there. I'll have a deeper look into the NTLM 
> support and see if I get a better understanding of it.

The NTLM plugin can either pull the user's password out of an auxprop 
plugin and generate/verify the challenges/responses itself (like 
CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5), or it can proxy the challenge/responses between 
the client and an actual NT/Win2K/Samba server.

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