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Kevin Moschallski spyro at
Sat Nov 1 15:59:39 EST 2003


i try to set up my exim+amavisd+cyrus-imapd constalation the way that
all spam messages will send into users subfolder spam.I added
local_part_suffix = +* to my exim conf.Amavis tries to deliver all
messages to user+spam at domain but every message is sended to the users
In the FAQ i read about that anyone must have the p flag on the
submailbox so i did:
sam user/test at anyone p
lam shows me:
localhost> lam user/test at
test at lrswipcda
cyrus lrswipcda
anyone p

Note: I use altnamespaceing and unixhyrachie.

When i try to send a mail to test+spam at with my mail client it
also get deliverd into user test at INBOX.

Thanks for help in advance.

	Kevin Moschallski

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