Hight Aviability and Cyrus

Denis Liard denis.liard at proxyconcept.net
Mon Nov 3 04:03:04 EST 2003

We use Cyrus Imap Server since on year.
It work Fine for us (Sendmail + Cyrus)

We have 2 Sendmail box for Hight Aviability in MX configuration and 
filter all messages (SPAM and Virus) for several domains names.
For some domaines, we are only MX relay, and mails are resend (by SMTP) 
to others storage mails server (Exchange and Domino) and some are 
delivered to our IMAP (Cyrus) server by SMTP (vitual users db is on this 
server box) and localy deliver by LMTP.
But we have only one IMAP server (with SCSI RAID disk) but we would like 
procure more secure aviability.
How to do this ? I dont not have good idea about this.

Thanks a lot.

Denis Liard (French soo my english is poor !)

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