Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Tue Nov 4 12:20:12 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Robert Covell wrote:

> Thanks for your reply.  We do that now to let users know they are over
> quota.  But we don't want messages delivered if they are over quota.  We
> don't even want them to be queued on the system, just bounce back to the
> sender.  Any experience if the lmtp_overquota_perm_failure performs this or
> do we need another config option?
> Thanks again.
> -Bob

If you have lmtp_overquota_perm_failure set to "no" (the default I think),
then mail will be refused for that user with a temporary error.  The MTA
will continue trying to deliver the mail until it gives up (most MTAs
default to 5 days).  This allows someone to go over their quota
temporarily and still have time to fix the problem and receive the backlog
of mail waiting for them in the mail queue.

If you have lmtp_overquota_perm_failure set to "yes", mail will bounce
back to sender as undeliverable right away, instead of sitting in the
MTA's mail queue for 5 days.

If you have mail being delivered even though the user is over their quota,
then I don't think lmtp_overquota_perm_failure will help one or the other.
Are you sure you aren't using cyrus' deliver program with:

 -q     Deliver message even when receiving mailbox is over quota.


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