Mika Iisakkila mika.iisakkila at pingrid.fi
Tue Nov 4 17:23:15 EST 2003

Robert Covell wrote:
> We are using deliver only to notify them of being over quota.  Everything
> else is coming in via sendmail.  It does notify the sender of the user being
> over quota but the user still gets the email.  Just wonder if anything else
> could be causing conflicting settings.

Yes, this is the correct setting, and has worked for me. But -- are you
actually doing the delivery from sendmail via LMTP? The option won't do
anything when mail is being delivered directly by the "deliver" program.

Might also be a sendmail configuration issue. If the over quota bounce
messages say "552 5.2.2 Over quota" instead of "452 4.2.2 Over quota",
lmtpd is returning a permanent error as it should, and I don't think
there's anything more you can do on the Cyrus side.

Also, I think that the message which first causes the quota to be
exceeded is delivered anyway.


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