what to do with skiplist seendb ? (fwd)

Bob Tito lists at magicfingers.org
Thu Nov 6 11:24:51 EST 2003

Sorry for the noise.. but the first post appears to got lost...

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Date: donderdag 6 november 2003 14:44 +0100
From: Bob Tito <bob at magicfingers.org>
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Subject: what to do with skiplist seendb ?


I converted the seen db's to skiplist for cyrus-imap 2.1.15.
All went ok, and seems to work just fine ;-)

on question though, do i need to create an event in cyrus.conf for
maintenance on these files ? If so.. what, i seem to have missed it in the
docs ...

best regards, Bob

Bob Tito

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Bob Tito

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