Site-wide Sieve script

Jules Agee julesa at
Thu Nov 6 18:15:54 EST 2003

No site-wide sieve scripts.

I set up SpamAssassin so it only adds an X-Spam-Status and spam score 
headers to each message. That way, by default SA is completely 
transparent to the users, no action is taken by default except adding 
that header. I also set up a cgi interface for sieve (similar to the one 
included with SquirrelMail). Then I put up a web page accessible to 
users who want spam control, with instructions for setting up their own 
sieve filters, and a link to the sieve cgi. That way, they can choose 
the "spam score" that they want to filter on, they can choose whether to 
discard it, or file it into a folder to periodically check for false 
positives (recommended). The users also have the option of using filters 
built into their mail client if they would rather not use sieve.

The biggest advantage to this setup from my point of view is that if 
there are any lost messages the users can't blame us. :-)

So far, it has been a success, despite the fact that spammers have been 
getting better at dodging SpamAssassin lately.  I'm currently using 
Mozilla 1.4's built-in bayes filter to catch the spam that gets past SA.

-Jules Agee

Sarwar Ansari wrote:

>I am using spamassassin to to tag spam
>and would like to file the spam in users
>INBOX/Spam folder.
>Is it possible to have a site-wide
>sieve script which will filter all the
>incoming mails, and be called before the
>per user sieve scripts.
>This would save users the hassle of
>explicitly invoking the anti-spam sieve
>script, to file spam when they first sign-in.
>will appreciate insights  by sys admins already
>using spamassassin to filter spam,
>and file it in spam folder.
>Sarwar Ansari

Jules Agee
System Administrator
Pacific Coast Feather Co.
julesa at      x284

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