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On Thu, 06 Nov 2003 15:15:54 -0800
Jules Agee <julesa at> wrote:

> Then I put up a web page accessible
> to users who want spam control, with instructions for setting up their
> own sieve filters, and a link to the sieve cgi. That way, they can
> choose the "spam score" that they want to filter on, they can choose
> whether to discard it, or file it into a folder to periodically check
> for false positives (recommended).

BTW, [OFF], the Squirrelmail plugin also supports a "spam rule" function
for Joe User, since version 0.9.7, with a 'simple' and 'advanced'
configuration page. The philosophy is the same with yours.

Together with Cyrus's ipurge and the 'junkfolder' plugin for
Squirrelmail, you can also provide automatic purging with a really
simple, user-friendly interface.

With regard to the original question, I'm guessing that whatever
program/script creates your users in whatever your authentication
method, could be modified to create a default SIEVE script in the proper
directory spool/sieve/.. as well, and that script be made active.? A
little cumbersome as opposed to a site-wide SIEVE script, but it might
just work.

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