Norman Zhang nzhang at
Thu Nov 6 21:04:06 EST 2003


I created a mailbox nzhang by

1. cyradm localhost
2. cm user.nzhang
3. quit
4. saslpasswd nzhang

I could add the imap server and see the nzhang\inbox. When I tried sending
mail to nzhang

# mail nzhang
# Subject: Test 1
# Hello
# .
# CC

But I don't see nzhang created under /var/spool/mail. I did set
mail_spool_directory = /var/spool/mail in /etc/postfix/ Is there
something trivial that I'm missing? Do I need smtpd.conf (I can't find this
file)? Won't postfix take care of mail transfer?

mail_transport = lmtp:$myhostname


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