hardware for cyrus murder

Thomas Hager duke at sigsegv.at
Tue Nov 11 11:27:13 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 15:23, Etienne Goyer wrote:
> Very interesting ... I am building a Murder whee we expect a similar
> load.  Could you expand a bit on the hardware used ?
we use compaq dl360g3 on all machines. they are equipped with 2x Intel
Xeon 2.8GHz and 2GB RAM. 4 70GB hdds are configured as 2 raid0 devices.
one holds the message store, the other holds the system partitions.

>   Are these machine
> mostly IO, memory or CPU bound ?
IO bound. both cpus are 80%-90% idle. memory usage is moderate.

>   Do you have a dedicated MUPDATE
> master, or the master run on a frontend ?
no, the mupdate master is running on a frontend.

>   What exactly is failing in
> the authentication process ?
i'm using the digest-md5 mechanism for cyrus internal authentication.
under high load, the mupdate daemon rejects logins and logs:
"mupdate[18306]: badlogin: host[ip] DIGEST-MD5 SASL(-13): authentication
failure: nonce changed: authentication aborted"

>   Are you authenticating users via
> saslauthd ?
mailbox users are authenticated via saslauthd against the ldap servers,
no problems here.
murder authentication is done with DIGEST-MD5 and sasldb.

>   Have you traced the reason why authentication to the
> mupdate master fail ?
no, not yet.

> Your experiences could be very valuable to me; I would be very glad if
> you could share some of them.


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