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Michael Siebenborn michael.siebenborn at
Tue Nov 11 12:06:34 EST 2003

>> i tried to export a users mailbox onto a new Machine. I copied the 
>> directory user/name to the new machine and dumped the ACL to a 
>> textfile using ctl_mboxlist -d.
>> Importing the ACLs with "ctl_mboxlist -u" didn't work. It complains 
>> about "no partition found"
>> The partition-default: in imapd.conf is set to /var/imap
> Did the old machine have multiple partitions?

No, it has only 1 partition and it is set to

partition-default: /raid/imapd

I created /raid/imap on the new machine but this didn't work.

>  If so, the mailboxes.db 
> entries contain this partition.

I haven't exported this file. I only have a copy of the Mailbox 
Directory and the Dump from ctl_mboxlist -d

>  You'll either have to add this 
> partition to your new box, or edit the textfile and replace the 
> partition names with 'default'.

Which textfile? The ctl_mboxlist Dump? It doesn't contain the partitions 

Michael Siebenborn

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