deletemailbox: System I/O error

Denis I. Morozov frozer at
Wed Nov 12 04:07:24 EST 2003

Simon Brady wrote:

> You need to delete them from the mailboxes database: easiest way (although 
> it involves restarting your server) is to dump the database to text with 
> ctl_mboxlist -d, edit the output text file and remove all lines referring 
> to the user, then reimport with ctl_mboxlist -u.
it's not work, I used (of course, cyrus server stopped):
ctl_mboxlist -d > cyrusdb.txt
I removed user from text file and:
ctl_mboxlist -u < cyrusdb.txt
ctl_mboxlist -d | grep vvs
user.vvs        default vvs     lrswipcda       cyrus   lrswipcda

if I use "-x" switch, ctl_mboxlist print first record of db and hang. 
Can I manually delete mailboxes.db, and reconstruct all records from dump?

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