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Rajesh Saxena wrote:
| Rob Siemborski wrote:
|> If you do delete the files directly, you will need to reconstruct the
|> mailbox afterwords (and will still have a race condition).
|> It'd be MUCH better to do all the access through IMAP, like you're
|> supposed to ;)
| Thank you both Rob and James for offering suggestions. I will write
| the script to do imap. I tried the reconstruct method just for curiosity
| and I have a quick question. Lets say there is a folder like this:
| /var/spool/imap/user/firstuser/Spam/
| 1. 2. 3. cyrus.cache cyrus.header cyrus.index
| If I delete messages 1. 2. and 3. then run
| $ rm 1. 2. 3. && reconstruct -r user.firstuser.Spam
| Are the next emails which get stored in that directory supposed to be
| 1. 2. 3. or will they be named 4. 5. 6. onwards?

I've always seen it do the 1., etc., but I'm not a cyrus internal expert. :)

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