Routing email within the domain

proescho at proescho at
Sun Nov 16 18:50:24 EST 2003

> To All:


> In my '' domain I have two Cyrus email servers:  server1 and
> server2.
> There are two email boxes: boxa on server1 and boxb on server2.
> I want to address email to the 'test,org' domain like this:
>        boxa at and boxb at
> I have established two MX records in DNS like this:
>        mail1    MX  10
>        mail3    MX  20
> Only email to boxa on server1 actually gets delivered.  What am I doing
>  wrong?

why should mail be delivered to oth boxes?
Two MX Records do not mean that mail ist delivered to both targets.
Its just a redundancy thing.
If the MX with the lowest priority is unreachable, the second it tried.

you could check the imap aggregator.
but this thing sounds beeing a little overkill for you.

you might try to rewrite
boxa at to boxa at
boxb at to boxa at
and route the mail based on the subdomain.

> Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help you can
> give.


> Mike

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