cannot get idled to run

Ted Cabeen secabeen at
Tue Nov 18 17:10:29 EST 2003

Craig Constantine <craig at> writes:

> I'm running (compiled from source) Cyrus-imapd-2.1.13 on RedHat Linux
> 8.0 [all patched up to date.]
> With every incoming message I get the oft seen "error sending to
> idled" message in syslog facility local6. Cyrus is of course compiled
> to use idled.  :)
> The only thing (that I see) idled should be binding to is the unix socket named in imapd.conf via 'idlesocket'. But a netstat shows that the unix socket /var/imap/socket/idled is not in use, and invoking fuser on the sockets in /var/imap/socket confirms the idled socket is not inuse. (I fuser'd the lmtp socket to make sure fuser does what I think it does. -- 
> 7145 is the cyrus master at the moment. :)
> --------snip-----------
> # fuser lmtp
> lmtp:                 7145  7584
> # fuser idle
> #
> --------snip-----------
> Anyone care to swing the clue bat at me?

What are the permissions on your idle socket and the directory that
the socket is in?

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