cannot get idled to run

Ted Cabeen ted at
Wed Nov 19 13:45:42 EST 2003

Craig Constantine <craig at> writes:

> --On Tuesday, November 18, 2003 8:34 PM -0800 Ted Cabeen
> <ted at> wrote:
>> Try changing the owner of the idle socket to cyrus.  That's how I have
>> mine, and I reacll that I had trouble getting idled started because of
>> permissions.
> nope. I changed it to:
> # ls -ald /var/imap/socket/idle
> srwxrwxrwx    1 cyrus    cyrus           0 Jun 17 22:24
> /var/imap/socket/idle
> SIGHUP'd the master. Nothing about idled appeared in the logs, I'm
> still getting the 'error sending to idled' errors in syslog. Trying to
> start by hand still gives:

I don't think that idled gets restarted if master is HUP'd.  If you
can do it, what I'd do is stop cyrus, run idled totally alone.  If it
starts then kill it and start cyrus up normally.

> # su - cyrus -c '/usr/cyrus/bin/idled -C /etc/imapd.conf'
> bind: Address already in use
> How do I figure out what exactly it is trying to bind to?

You could trace it.  Do you see idled in the process table?
fuser might also tell you what process has the socket open.

Ted Cabeen
Sr. Systems/Network Administrator
Impulse Internet Services

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