cyrus authentication question

Jeff listacct at
Wed Nov 19 09:29:37 EST 2003

hi all,

I have finally managed to get my cyrus/postfix/mysql working thanks to
this list Luc de Louw's howto document.

I have a couple of questions about authentication though.

Currently, our mail server is host to about 6 domains.  If an email is
sent to jeff at domain1, it will be delivered to jeff.  The same happens if
I send to jeff at domain2 and so on.

I would like to setup cyrus to be able to differentiate between these
domains, so I could have jeff at domain1, and jeff at domain2 being different

The catch is: I would like domain1 to be a default domain, so that jeff
does not have to log in with jeff.domain1 as his username.

Can this be done?


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