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Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Nov 19 09:42:21 EST 2003

Jeff wrote:

> hi all,
> I have finally managed to get my cyrus/postfix/mysql working thanks to
> this list Luc de Louw's howto document.
> I have a couple of questions about authentication though.
> Currently, our mail server is host to about 6 domains.  If an email is
> sent to jeff at domain1, it will be delivered to jeff.  The same happens if
> I send to jeff at domain2 and so on.
> I would like to setup cyrus to be able to differentiate between these
> domains, so I could have jeff at domain1, and jeff at domain2 being different
> people.
> The catch is: I would like domain1 to be a default domain, so that jeff
> does not have to log in with jeff.domain1 as his username.
> Can this be done?

Cyrus v2.2 has support for virtual domains.  You can setup domain1 as 
the default domain, so that jeff at domain1 simply logs in as jeff.  For 
the other domains, users can have to log in as jeff at domain2, etc.

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