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Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Nov 20 10:25:03 EST 2003

Dan Ohnesorg wrote:

> I have following problem, I have recovered IMAP server from backup. We 
> have lost about 10 hours of emails.
> Now arriving emails are getting IDS, which are already used and are known 
> to imap clients. For example there was already message 1234. and is lost, 
> after recovering from backup the system starts on nuber 1230., and new 
> emails get 1231. 1232.... and so on.
> The problem is, that I have email number 1234 already in client cache and
> client wont download email 1234 from server, or worst, when the cached
> copy is flagged as deleted, the server version of 1234 message gets
> deleted too.
> Is posibble to say cyrus to shift all message ids by some number? It will 
> help, when new email are getting numbers above 10000, I am sure, there was 
> not a message with such a big id in any mailbox.

Did you reconstruct the mailbox?  If not, you should so that the 
cyrus.index file gets updated.

If this doesn't solve the problem, then you might want to try removing 
the cyrus.index file from a test mailbox and then reconstructing it. 
This should update the UIDVALIDITY value which will force your client to 
refetch messages, even if it has seen a given UID already.

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