received date and reconstruct

Lars Peterson lars at
Thu Nov 20 10:09:25 EST 2003

Why not let cyrus do all the legwork for you and use ipurge? 

Put an event like this in your "cyrus.conf" file:

purgespam     cmd="/usr/local/bin/ipurge -f -d 7 user/*/spam-folder" period=1440

This would clean up any messages in each user's spam-folder that are older than
7 days.

Check the ipurge manpage for more info.


On Thu, November 20, 2003 8:29 am, you wrote:
> Strangely, I need to do something very similar.  So if someone has
> the answer and was going to hold out because of lack of interest,
> that's no longer an excuse. :)
> Thanks a lot.
> --
> Andrew
> On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Phil Chambers wrote:
>> I was planning to have a script go through doing this every night.
>>  It would use the creation dates of the message files, deleting
>> ones that are too old and then use reconstruct to tidy up.
>> I have two questions:
>> 1) Can I rely on the creation date?  I ask this because I have
>> just seen an inbox where every message file had the same
>> date/time.  The date/time was 4.05 this morning and the user was
>> not active at that time and the files had not been recovered from
>> backup. Without any external activity, I cannot see what would
>> have changed the creation dates.
>> 2) Is it safe to use reconstruct on a live system in this way?  I
>> am concerned in case a new message gets delivered into the folder
>> while reconstruct is doing its thing.
>> Phil.

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