Filtering this mailing list

Pat Lashley patl+cyrus at
Thu Nov 20 11:57:08 EST 2003

--On Thursday, November 20, 2003 10:11:41 -0600 Jerry Haltom 
<jhaltom at> wrote:

> What do you all use to properly filter out this mailing list in your
> setups? Messages coming through it have no List-Id... and not all of
> them have info-cyrus in the To field... Something unique im missing?

As you can see from my headers, I've subscribed a sub-mailbox using
detail notation [patl+cyrus at ...]; so I don't need to do any direct
filtering.  The downside is that if that address is harvested for
spam, and the spam gets through my spamassassin with a low enough
score, it will wind up mixed in with mail that was actually from the

> Having the List Id would be nice.

Yes, it would.


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