followup: stuck lmtpd processes and sieve errors

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Nov 20 16:38:17 EST 2003

I think I have linked two of my problems together...

A long while back, I reported strange sieve errors in my logs, such as:

Nov 20 12:52:17 mail1 lmtpd[20900]: sieve parse error for howerja: line 1:
parse error, unexpected STRING

Where the sieve in question is just:

redirect "howerja at";

I also reported a problem with lmtpd processes hung waiting for a lock on
the user's quota file.

Two days ago, I had one of these stuck lmtpd processes again.  I found the
imapd that was holding the lock (a dial-up user that had disconnected),
and killed the offending imapd process.  Shortly after that, all the stuck
lmtpd processes successfully delivered their mail.

I notice from my logs that right at the same time, I started getting these
sieve parse errors where there should be no parse error.  I don't know why
these two events would be connected, but the evidence seems pretty clear.
No errors for the weeks worth of logs before I killed the stuck imapd
process, lots of errors after it.

I don't know if it is worth tracking down the sieve bug if it is just a
symptom of the real problem (stuck imapd), but I thought this information
was interesting.


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