automating administrative tasks in Cyrus 2.1.15

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Nov 20 18:19:23 EST 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Patrick Goetz wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Andrew Morgan wrote:
> >
> > It depends what you are trying to do...  It is pretty easy to call
> > reconstruct once for each user just by feeding a list of usernames to a
> > shell or perl script.
> >
> > We do all of the "regular" administration tasks here using perl scripts
> > and the IMAP::Admin module.  Simple things like creating mailboxes,
> > deleting mailboxes, changing quotas, listing quotas, sending quota
> > warnings, listing folders, granting access, and so on.  I don't mind
> > sharing these tools if people are interested.
> >
> I for one would definately be interested.  I'm particularly curious about
> how you handle authentication, but this is probably explained in the
> documentation for the IMAP perl module, which I didn't take a look at.
> Well, I guess I'm assuming that this module is documented somewhere -- it
> it?

I've attached most of the perl scripts we use for Cyrus administration.

(Rob, would you like to see any of this stuff added to the Wiki?)

Almost all perl modules are self-documented.  Just run "perldoc
IMAP::Admin" for the docs.

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