virtual domains 2.1.15 - 2.2BETA

Robert Harris harlock at
Tue Nov 25 17:17:18 EST 2003

Don't I feel "BAAAAaaaaaa" sheeeeeepish....


Thanks go to all those who helped with the vdom problems I was haveing.. now 
solved... appears that 2.1.15-16 does not have vdom enabled when I finally 
got 2.2.2BETA compiled started accepting the vdoms :}

now alls left to figure out is authentication (bed I tested on doesn't havd 
LDAP installed and unix pwfiles don't allow a "." in user records...:} 
othertestbed still has 2.1.15 installed er atleast it does for the next 30 
mins while I prepare it for the update to beta status..)


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