Mailboxes which won't come back online

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Tue Nov 25 00:34:20 EST 2003

Many thanks to everyone who responded to this question.  Yes, it seems
pretty safe to assume that this (not reconstructing mail folders that
don't contain explicit messages) is a bug; but then why doesn't

   cyrreconstruct -m

work?  I can't imagine why this would be that more complicated to
implement than `cyrreconstruct -r user.username`; after all, it's only
moving one level up in the mailbox hierarchy.

In any case, I didn't try copying a message into the offending folder and
then running reconstruct again, as this worked:

(The mail folder containing folders but no explicit messages is called

  cyradm -> cm user.bubba.Professional

then, logged in as cyrus:

  cyrreconstruct -f user.bubba.Professional
  cyrreconstruct -r user.bubba

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