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Craig Ringer craig at
Tue Nov 25 06:24:45 EST 2003

> thanks for your reply.  At the moment users that login on my Cyrus server
> are authenticated via auxprop -> sasldb.  That works fine. 

Aha, sorry. It sounded from your post like you were just trying to get 
things up and running for the first time.

> I am also trying
> to fetch mail from an upstream POP3 server and am using Fetchmail, which
> does not like the fact that the recipient of the email is not a user (at the
> moment) on the OS.  As result mail is bounced.  I will write to the
> fetchmail list to see if they have any ideas.

If fetchmail is using it's defaults, it'll be trying to deliver the mail 
to the local MTA using SMTP, in which case things should 'just work' if 
the MTA is configured correctly. It may well not be a fetchmail problem.

Can you "mail someuser at mydomain?" from the cyrus server? If not, then 
it's probably your MTA and not fetchmail that's at fault.

The MTA shouldn't really care if the user exists - unless it's 
configured to check - but should just try to deliver the mail to Cyrus 
via LMTP when handed the message by fetchmail. Cyrus will reject the 
message if the user has no mailbox, but it doesn't care (for purposes of 
mail /delivery/) whether they exist in the authentication database at all.

Do you know at what stage the messages are being rejected, and by what?

A copy of a bounce could well be helpful, if it is actually bouncing the 

I'm having to make a lot of guesses, as I don't know (1) whether you 
take normal direct mail delivery via SMTP, (b) what the bounce/errors 
are, (3) whether you're using virtual domains, etc. Sorry if I'm in the 
wrong ballpark.

Craig Ringer

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