Clement Hermann clement.hermann at
Tue Nov 25 18:01:48 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

As the one on cyrus-utils project on sourceforge seems to be really
outdated, and no one answered when I submitted patches, I decided to put an
enhanced version of on

(sorry, no doc or so. But I have no time to put up something better. I'll be
happy to propose my to the maintainers of the sourceforge
project if they show up).

What it is: is a perlscript to create mailboxes on cyrus. It reads
mailboxes name on the standard input.

New features:

- uses the "strict" pragma
- an option to specify a mailbox name (or a comma-separated list) was added
(you can still use the standard input)
- the unix hierarchy separator is now supported
- you can now spécify quota in Mb or Gb m,M, and g,G suffix
- you can delete mailbox instead of creating them
- there is now a verbose mode

nothing really special, but some might find it useful. I use it a lot :)
feel free to use it and to report bug, send me patches, or flames, whatever ;)


PS: please excuse my english. It's probably very bad, as it's far from
being my native language.

Clément "nodens" Hermann <clement.hermann at>
- L'air pur ? C'est pas en RL, ça ? c'est pas hors charte ?
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