Empty emails for imap protocol

Mats Luspa matsl at irf.se
Thu Nov 27 05:03:56 EST 2003


I've done some further investigating. It seems that it is the 
cyrus.cache file that causes
the problem. When you do reconstruct the cyrus.cache file is constructed 
with the proper
information about the messages headers. The cyrus.cache file is used by 
the imap to
get the headers of the messages. But new messages that arrives get only 
empty headers
in the cyrus.cache file. First I thought it was some kind of permission 
problem but it
seems no to be (I've put the permissions 0777 to really allow all).
The pop3 is probably working because it is not using the cyrus.cache file.
Can it be a bug in cyrus-imapd?

/Regards Mats

Mats Luspa(test pop) wrote:

> Hello!
> I recently installed Cyrus-Imapd-2.1.15+Cyrus-Sasl-2.1.15+Postfix-2.0.16.
> The server works fine for pop3 but for imap the new messages that is 
> fetched
> are empty even if they in the server are not.
> After a reconstruct og mailboxes the messages becomes ordinary again, but
> new fetched messages are empty.
> The question is of course what this can depend on?
> /Regards Mats (matsl at irf.se)

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