Empty emails for imap protocol

Mats Luspa matsl at irf.se
Sun Nov 30 02:29:29 EST 2003


It seems that for messages >= 64 kB the cyrus.cache is updated properly.
But for messages < 64kB the cyrus.cache is updated with NIL in the fields.
I'm running Linux on a sparc64. Can it be a bug in the sparc64 code for

/Regards Mats

Quoting "Mats Luspa(test pop)" <matsl at irf.se>:

> Hello!
> I recently installed Cyrus-Imapd-2.1.15+Cyrus-Sasl-2.1.15+Postfix-2.0.16.
> The server works fine for pop3 but for imap the new messages that is
> fetched
> are empty even if they in the server are not.
> After a reconstruct og mailboxes the messages becomes ordinary again, but
> new fetched messages are empty.
> The question is of course what this can depend on?
> /Regards Mats (matsl at irf.se)

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