BETA default domain question

Paul Boven p.boven at chello.nl
Thu Nov 27 14:03:04 EST 2003

Hi Kendrick, list,

Kendrick Vargas wrote:

> I've been playing with Cyrus 2.2.2-BETA because I need the virtual domain 
> stuff it's got. However I noticed that no matter what I did, the server's 
> idea of the default domain always produced paths with:
> 	johndoe at example1.com
> 	janedoe at example2.com
> 	/var/spool/imap/j/user/johndoe
> 	/var/spool/imap/domain/e/example2.com/j/user/janedoe
> Basically what I'd like would be for all the mailboxes, not just 
> non-local-seeming mailboxes, to be made in the domain hashed heirarchy in 
> the spool. My reasons are mostly organizational. It just doesn't seem 
> right that if you're gonna be sorting things by domain that you not 
> include the default domain in that domain list. 

This might not be the 'proper' way to achieve this, but I've simply set 
my 'defaultdomain' to 'admin'. This means that there is no domain that 
will match, and everything ends up under the domain subtrees. I'm just 
experimenting with this for now, not sure what all the ramifications are 
yet. Include standard disclaimer.

Regards, Paul Boven.

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