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Wed May 7 15:18:39 EDT 2003

Quoting Andrzej Filip <anfi at Box43.pl>:

> Dmitry Sorokin wrote:
> >>Have you granted to "anonymous" right to add messages to
> >>the cyrus folder ?
> >
> > No, I haven't done that. I thought the shared folder is like a regular user
> > account, so I had "anyone lrs" permissions on that folder. And when I
> > changed it to "anyone lrswipcd" it worked.
> I think that "p" itself for "anonymous" should be sufficient
OK, that works too. 

> > But I still don't understand why
> > I need write permissions to anyone user to send messages to shared folder?
> > Any regular user account doesn't have ACLs for anyone at all and mail still
> > gets delivered.
> Because users' INBOXes are not treated like other folders.
OK, that's fine, now I know what I need to do and I consider my problem as 

Now I have different question. I decided to kind of hide that bb+ or +. So what 
I did I just added 
test at intellinet.ab.ca         +test at intellinet.ab.ca
to my virtusertable
And it works no problem. But when I'm adding
@intellinet.ab.ca             dmitry at intellinet.ab.ca
at the end of virtusertable, the mail sent to test at intellinet.ab.ca gets 
delivered not to test shared folder, but to dmitry at intellinet.ab.ca INBOX

What could be wrong? Is it possible at all?

Best regards,

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