createmailbox: Permission denied

Marko Damaschke mdam at
Tue May 6 01:40:37 EDT 2003

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Bartosz Jozwiak wrote:

> When I add mailbox like user.bartek.jozwiak I got something like that
> "cyradm > cm user.bartek.jozwiak
>  createmailbox: Permission denied"
> But when I add mailbox like user.anna everything works good.
> The mailbox is created.
The "." seems to be your hierarchy-seperator. So you try to create a
subfolder ("jozwiak") to a mailbox ("user.bartek") that does not exists. If the
mailbox "user.bartek" exists, you don't have the necessary flag for create a
To solve your problem try using your unix/linux-account names for mailbox
names or use another letter for seperator first- and surname e.g. "_".

  Marko D.

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