Namespace problem

Edward Rudd eddie at
Sun May 4 16:52:53 EDT 2003

Well you can't use a username like user at with cyrus 2.1.12.
you need cyrus 2.2.0 for usernames like that.. 
the user "joe at hostname" in sasl (w/ the sasl realm set to the hostname)
would login to the cyrus 2.1.12 server as "joe". and access the mailbox
"joe" (created via the cyrus admin account as user.joe)

If you are wanting to use the stable 2.1.12 series and do user at domain
logins try looking at perdition to map the names.. (that is what I am
currently doing until cyrus 2.2.0 becomes "officially stable")

for copying the mailboxes over.. there are a couple of ways to do that..
one is to just copy the files over directly.. and use 
$ ctl_mboxlist -d  > mboxlist.txt
to dump the contents of the old mailboxes DB from the old system.. then
copy it to the new system and use
$ ctl_mboxlist u < mboxlist.txt
to load the mail box list on the new system.. 
both commands need to be run as the cyrus user, use
# su - cyrus
to switch from root to the cyrus user.

Another way of copying the mailboxes over is to use a program that will
connect to both imap servers and copy the data across... There are
postings on this mailing list that give links to such programs, I am not
sure off the top of my head what they are.  Or you could search

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 02:12, Shuji Kono wrote:
> Thanks Eddie,
> It occured to me that I haven't migrated sasl db's but have
> manually created the same user names and passwords as on the
> old server.
> This is because I had to use new realms on the new server.
> As a trial, I created an username with the default realm
> (username at hostname) and it worked!
> Now, how can I migrate mailboxes to the new realm?
> For example, I would like user at to take ownership
> of user at hostname's mailbox.
> Running sasl-2.1.13.
Edward Rudd <eddie at>

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