Cyrus 2.1.12: pwcheck unavailable?

Dmitry Sergienko dmitry at
Mon May 5 03:34:22 EDT 2003

I've upgraded from Cyrus 2.1.9 to Cyrus 2.1.12 and noticed that pwcheck 
authentication stopped working. pwcheck is compiled into SASL and SASL 
tests successfully use it.
It became available after commenting out these lines in pop3d.c:

     /* will always return something valid */
     secprops = mysasl_secprops(SASL_SEC_NOPLAINTEXT);
     sasl_setprop(popd_saslconn, SASL_SEC_PROPS, secprops);

PLAIN mechanism was explicitly disabled. The same in imapd.c:
     /* never allow plaintext, since IMAP has the LOGIN command */
     secprops = mysasl_secprops(SASL_SEC_NOPLAINTEXT);
     sasl_setprop(imapd_saslconn, SASL_SEC_PROPS, secprops);

Best wishes,
Dmitry Sergienko

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