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Tue May 6 02:05:10 EDT 2003

Mike & Robyn Cairns schrieb:
> Hi all,
> First (hopefully last) posting so please be kind!
> I'm upgrading a older cyrus imap install to version
> 2.1.10 on a newly built RedHat 9 box using Squirrelmail as a webmail client
> Installation went fine, IMAP and Squirrelmail are working over ssl.
> My problem is migrating the old user base from the previous installation
> (different physical machine).
> I can copy the users data (mailboxes, preferences etc), but I cannot seem to
> find a way to 'reconstruct' their email boxes consistently on the new
> server.  The '-r' option of 'reconstruct' seems to do nothing, I have had to
> create each users set of mailboxes manually (eventually sorted out a script
> for it), I also have the same problem reported in the mail list archives of
> users with a blank in the mailbox name.  the cyradm command line will not
> accept these (either quoted or escaped) although I can get squirrelmail to
> create one.
> Any assistance with correct approach to migrate users appreciated.

The following mail from the archives may be what you're looking for.



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> I hope that you have a flat text version as a backup.
> If you don't you can try to dump the mailbox file, mv the old mailbox.db
>  file out of the way, and then reimport the mailbox file.  Then run a
> reconstruct to make sure that everything is correct.
> Hope this helps,
> B
If you did lose the plain text file, then you'll need to recreate it.
here's how:
# Replace next line with however you stop cyrus
# ie: killall master etc etc.
/etc/init.d/cyrus stop
mv /var/imap/mailboxes.db /var/imap/mailboxes.db.$$
cd /var/spool/imap/user
for i in `ls`
  echo $i
  echo "user.$i<\t>default<\t>$i<\t>lrswipcda<\t>cyrus<\t>lrswipcda" >>
# Then when you have everyone's base directory in /tmp/newmboxlist.txt,
ctl_mboxlist -u </tmp/newmboxlist.txt
# and then:
cd /var/spool/imap/user
for i in `ls`
  reconstruct -rf user.$i


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