cyrus-imapd 2.2 db3 or db4?

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed May 7 16:20:58 EDT 2003

Igor Brezac wrote:
> On Wed, 7 May 2003, John Alton Tamplin wrote:
>>Igor Brezac wrote:
>>>What sleepycat db version do you use?  Something is broken with the 4.1.25
>>>version on busy sites.  It works fine on small installations.  I can tweak
>>>db env (via DB_CONFIG), but eventually it runs out of resources and
>>>duplicate suppression stops working.  What is the drawback of turning
>>>duplicate suppression off besides diskspace?  My logs show less then .01%
>>>duplicate messages.  Furthermore, chechpoint of a large duplicate.db
>>>(50MB) takes over 10 minutes on my system and high cpu utilization.
>>Sieve also used the duplicate db.  On Solaris 9, I was having the exact
>>same problems with both 4.1.24 and .25 which went away when I downgraded
>>to 4.0.14.
> For me going back 4.0.14 is not as easy because the latest version
> openldap requires the latest version.  Is duplicate db (or
> duplicatesuppression: 1) required for Sieve?  I know it used to be
> required for cyrus-imapd 1.6 something.

Sieve has been decoupled from duplicatesuppression, but it still 
requires duplicate.db (for keeping track of vacation responses, 
redirects, etc).

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