plus in local part

Dmitry Sergienko dmitry at
Thu May 8 07:58:18 EDT 2003

Andrzej Filip wrote:
>> lmtpd code converts only 1st plus into hierarchy separator when 
>> delivering. ( lmtpd.c::deliver() )
>> Is it correct?
>> If convert all '+' characters it will be able to deliver into 
>> sub-sub-subfolders.
> Have you tried  "user+folder.subfolder.subsubfolder at domain" ?

It will work, but it is not quite correct because I can change hierarchy 
separator. Why 1st plus is converted but others are not?
I made a small patch for this and it runs fine for ~4 months at my 
server (~3200 mboxes).
If someone except me needs this functionality I can post it to this list 
or somewhere else.

Best wishes,
Dmitry Sergienko

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