allow user to use: pop only, or pop & imap (sasl2 + ldap)

Igor Brezac igor at
Thu May 8 11:02:50 EDT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Bruhin Gregor wrote:

> I'm using sasl2 with openldap, and would like to set specific rights for my
> users.
> Some users should be allowed to use only the pop3d daemon, some other users
> pop & imap for example.
> Is this possible ?

You can do this with saslauthd built-in ldap support.  Check
$cyrus-sasl-src/saslauthd/LDAP_SASLAUTHD for details.  In particular you
want to use %s (service name) in your ldap filter.

Hope this helps,

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