Cyrus 2.2?

Igor Brezac igor at
Fri May 9 15:25:31 EDT 2003

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Rob Siemborski wrote:

> On Fri, 9 May 2003, Igor Brezac wrote:
> > I stand corrected.  A few notes: the 'acm' admin mailbox needs to exist.
> > Sieveshell will try all available mechs until one works.  In my case, it
> > tries LOGIN first, then it falls back to PLAIN.  LOGIN does not allow
> > proxy logins.  Fortunately, sieveshell will prompt for the password for
> > each mech, so I just typed a bogus password during the first password
> > prompt.  I'd be nice if sieveshell would take --mech param.
> Basically, this isn't done because theres about 3 layers of API that need
> to be traversed and its just not as simple as you'd first expect.
> Hmmm. 'acm' needing to exist is a bit unfortuinate (and also doesn't mesh
> with my local experience).

This is what happens if an admin account does not exist.

Output from sieveshell:
connecting to localhost
Please enter your password:
Please enter your password:
Bad protocol from MANAGESIEVE server: lost connection

syslog shows:
sieve[10359]: [ID 702911 auth.error] attempting server step after doneflag


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