Status of Cyrus and Multi-Domain delegation

Michael Fair michael at
Tue May 13 22:15:50 EDT 2003

Cyrus has had some support for virtual domains
since the implementation of unixhierarchy separator.

There have been a few methods for 1 IP per domain
for many years.

The primary restrictions at the moment for hosting
multiple domains on 1 IP are only one SSL certificate
per server (this is pretty much true of all protocols,
not just IMAP), and a best practice of using the fully
qualified user at domain.dom as the end users login id.

Assuming you don't have a problem with those two
limitations you could have switched to Cyrus months
ago.  Cyrus 2.2 starts implementing a much more robust
set of features for virtual domains which will be useful.

Any searching of the archives of this list will have
revealed a plethora of information about this.

-- Michael --

"lee leahu" <lee at> wrote in message
news:20030512082443.1d021e0a.lee at
> Hello.
> I currently work for an ISP as well as represent several other ISPs as
> We are very anxious to switch over to a mail server thats running Cyrus,
but the only thing that is preventing us from doing so is that cyrus doesnt
currently support virtual domains.
> For example, we are currently running IPSwitch IMAIL server.  With Imail,
you can create either a host with a seperate ip or on the same ip as the
server itself.  Each host has their own users, groups, aliases, lists.  The
mailboxes can be stored in a seperate directory for each domain.
> Is this feature currently being worked on for Cyrus?  If so, is there any
expectation of when it will be completed?  If not, is there any expectation
of when it will begin to be implemented?
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