logging with metalog

Ali Asad Lotia lotia at umich.edu
Tue May 13 11:38:32 EDT 2003

hello all,

apologies if this is off topic for this group.

anyone using metalog as the system logger instead of syslogd? i am 
running metalog on gentoo-linux and am having problems logging imapd 
related information to the directory that i have specified.

metalog is configured for imap the following way:

Imap :

   program  = "/usr/imap/bin/imapd"
   logdir   = "/var/log/imap"

imapd is installed in the directory specified above. however i am not 
getting any messages logged to the /var/log/imap/current file. metalog 
logs current logs to the a file named "current" within the specified 
logdir directory. i am getting output logged to the 
/var/log/everything/current file. help would be greatly appreciated.

ali asad lotia

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