Replacing WINDOWS and NOVELL service with CYRUS

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Wed May 14 10:14:04 EDT 2003

On Wed, 14 May 2003, John Alton Tamplin wrote:

> tools out there to do this. However, I would expect most academic
> institutions would run their own SMTP server and advertise MX records
> for it rather than having their ISP provide the mail server (if the ISP
> is providing the mail server, you should probably just use that mail
> server rather than setting up Cyrus or any other mail store).

I know a few years ago it was pretty common for people with on-demand
connections to have their ISP spool mail for their domain, then when they
connected they would issue an ETRN command to the ISP's server to initiate
spooling.  I don't know how common this is any more, but it does make
sense for a large organization with an on-demand connection to run a local
MTA and IMAP server, and still have their ISP spool.

> > c. Can we use email addresses that include "." such as
> > david.west at <mailto:david.west at>, d.f.west at
> > <mailto:d.f.west at>?
> Yes.

(Using unixhierarchysep, of course ;)


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