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Wed May 14 14:09:05 EDT 2003

Ingimar Robertsson wrote:
> Hi there.
> Can anyone send me pointers on how to customize how Sendmail and Cyrus
> respond and behave when users are over quota?  E.g. how the sender is
> notified, how the error message to the sender looks like and wheter the
> mail is queued (deferred) or denied/bounced.
> I guess this is maybe more a Sendmail issue than Cyrus but perhaps some
> of the listmembers have done this before and I can't find anything in
> neither the Cyrus or Sendmail docs.
> Btw, this is Cyrus version v2.0.17 and Sendmail 8.12.9.

We have an external cron job which checks users quotas and injects a 
warning message into their inbox indicating that they are almost over 
quota, or over their quota. This was not a part of the Cyrus distribution.

When a user is over quota, what happens depends on the configuration. In 
our old configuration, the mail that was waiting to be delivered waited 
in the local spool until quota was freed. We than discovered that 80% of 
the mail in the queue were messages waiting for over quota users. In our 
current configuration, mail is accepted for overquota users ONLY if it 
is being sent from a campus user. Outside mail to an overquota account 
does not get accepted at all.


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