group access to IMAP folders

tsg tsg at
Thu May 15 07:47:11 EDT 2003

Четверг 15 Май 2003 13:15, Вы написали:
> > How can I make a group assess to the IMAP folders ( all users from a
> > group can access a folder).
> sam {mailbox} group:{groupname} {rights}
Thank You.
But how Cyris IMAP will know that user "marysmith" is in "bookkeepers" group?
According all documentation I red Cyrus IMAP only knows usernames & passwords. 
But according Your clause IMAP has to know some groups and user's memberships 
in them.
Please help. May be I missed something.
I have Cyrus IMAP controlled LDAP directory. There are two mandatory groups 
"Admins", "Users" and can be some more groups, each of them can be assosiated 
with IMAP folder and all users can have access to it. But I do not like this 
solution because it is NOT IMAP solution, but the LDAP one.

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