Cyradm Hangs

Greg Miller gmiller at
Thu May 15 09:14:03 EDT 2003

A rebuttal...

I have found that although cyradm does not supply a password prompt..if
I type the password anyway, I can log in and use cyradm as usual. Still,
I'm wondering what is causing this..buffering of STDOUT...???

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 08:32, Greg Miller wrote:
> I have Cyrus 2.1.2 built from source and running on RedHat 9. The server
> works perfectly and I can administer it  from my own Perl scripts using
> Cyrus::IMAP::Admin. However, if I try to run cyradm, it just hangs and
> does not prompt me for a password. I have tried linking random to
> /dev/urandom with no results. Any help greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
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