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Ken Murchison ken at
Fri May 16 13:54:02 EDT 2003

Sounds like what you should use relational tests which are supported by 
Cyrus Sieve:

I don't believe that Websieve supports this, but if the user really 
wants it, then s/he can write the script by hand.

This will also require you to change Avavis so that the score is a whole 
number (ie, multiply by 10).

Steve Huston wrote:
> We're running Amavisd-new site-wide here, and some users want to fine tune
> their spam settings over and above what I've set as defaults (tag as spam at
> 5, discard at 10, otherwise deliver).
> One user in particular would like to toss all messages with a score of 3 or
> higher into his spam folder.  Now, this could be done with a series of Sieve
> filters (to match 3.0-3.9, 4.0-4.9, and then X-Spam-Flag: YES), but I would
> think the simplest way is to look for three or more characters in the
> X-Spam-Level field.
> The problem is, how to do this?  I tried using a regexp and looking for three
> characters ('...'), but that would toss almost everything in the spam folder.
> Turning off regexp, I found the information about wildcards on Cyrusoft's
> site, and tried matching '\\*\\*\\*', but that doesn't work either (mails with
> three or four stars still going through).
> I am using Websieve as a front-end, and am not against telling users who want
> that kind of fine-grained control that they have to do something tricky, but
> ideally it would still be something doable in Websieve.  (Websieve also
> expanded the second attempt out to '*\\*\\*\\**', to match three stars
> anywhere in the string, but I don't know if that makes a difference.)

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