Which filesystem to use with cyrus

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at sph.emory.edu
Tue May 20 11:28:19 EDT 2003

Andrew Koros wrote:

>On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 15:27, Thiago Lima wrote:
>>>If you are using postfix with cyrus then it's advisable that you create a seperate /var/spool/postfix partition.
>>Why is that?
>Becuase postfix performs best with data=journal which is not good for
>the rest of the var partion which should be data=ordered
>Please look at this article:
Also, the IMAP mail spool is large and primarily handles reads, so it is 
suitable for a RAID5 disk.  The IMAP metadata is heavily write-oriented, 
so RAID1 (or RAID1+0) is a much better choice.  I don't use Postfix, but 
I assume its spool area would be equal reads and writes, which is still 
not a terribly good mix for RAID5.

Our setup has /var/imap striped and mirrored across 4 disks, /cyrus (our 
mail partition) on a large FC RAID5 array, and /var/spool striped and 
mirrored across 4 disks.

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