imap not responding/cyradm hangs

Jon Nelson quincy at
Tue May 20 07:01:58 EDT 2003

Andy Litzinger said:
> # cyradm --user cyrus --server localhost --auth plain
>  but when I do this cyradm never prompts me for a password and appears
> to hang.
> I've let it sit for a  good 10 mins and no luck.
> The end of the Managing IMAP O'reilly book suggests the following steps
> to test the  IMAP server:
>  # telnet localhost imap
> which is supposed to connect you to the imap server, display the banner
> and allow  you to enter cmds such as . noop which should return status
> of . OK Completed.
> When I try, I connect, but get no banner.  and when I try to enter

It sounds like Cyrus is not running.  Hence the lack of logs.  Check
'/var/log/messages' for errors.

> Step 3 is interesting because it asks you to make sure that
> /usr/cyrus/bin/imapd is  owned by cryus:mail.  I have a discrepancy

Since you are using Postfix make sure that you don't put cyrus in the mail
group. If you do you'll get an error:

  ...postfix/pipe[28807]: fatal: request to use mail system owner group id 12

What you need to do is create a cyrus group and add cyrus to it. You can
do this by adding --with-cyrus-group=cyrus option to the ./configure.

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